Donner Nouveautés : Piano numérique DDP-60
Do you know the Donner DDP-80 wooden piano? Are you interested in its high-end design, but unsure about the functions? Here's the good news, Donner has designed the new DDP-60 digital piano, based on the design of the DDP-80! The DDP-60 is a beginner's version of the DDP-80, with more features and a lower price! Let's dive into the exciting features of the DDP-60 plan.

88 Key Semi-Weighted Digital Piano:
With 88 semi-weighted, full-size keys, the DDP-60 provides a realistic playing experience that closely resembles that of an acoustic piano. The keys have a balanced feel, striking the perfect balance between weight and responsiveness.

Premium sounds and room-filling sound:
Discover the wealth of premium sounds of the DDP-60. With a maximum polyphony of 128 notes and 128 voices, you have a huge range of expressive tones at your fingertips. Additionally, the piano features 83 built-in rhythms and 47 demo songs, providing versatility and inspiration for your musical journey.

To further enhance your playing experience, the DDP-60 includes four reverb effects, allowing you to customize the sound and add depth and ambience to your performance. The two built-in 15W speakers deliver powerful sound reproduction, filling the room with your music.

Dual mode suitable for teachers 
The DDP-60 includes a dual mode that allows two people to play simultaneously in the same range. This feature is especially useful for teaching or collaborative performances. With two headphone outputs conveniently located under the piano, you can engage in two-player sessions while maintaining privacy and concentration.

Versatile connectivity options:
The DDP-60 meets your connectivity needs. It includes a ¼" sustain pedal input, allowing you to connect a sustain pedal (3 piano-style pedals are included) for added expression and control. The ¼" stereo headphone output allows for private practice sessions , allowing you to immerse yourself in your game without disturbing others. Additionally, the stereo outputs provide the option to connect the piano to external speakers or amplifiers for a wider sound setup.

Minimalist design:
The DDP-60 features a minimalist design that blends seamlessly into any environment. It emphasizes the natural expression of product design, creating an elegant art space in your home or studio. Besides being a simple piano, it adds a touch of sophistication to your environment.

The Donner DDP-60 digital piano offers a range of features that appeal to both beginners and experienced players. With its premium sounds, versatile connectivity options, minimalist design, and teacher-friendly features, this piano is an ideal companion on your musical journey. Enhance your gaming experience and enjoy the elegance of the DDP-60.
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