Clavier électronique Donner DEK-610, le clavier idéal pour la pratique de votre enfant

Make this summer holiday season even more special for your children by giving them the perfect musical companion - Donner® DEK-610 61-Key Full-Size Electronic Keyboard Kit. It's an ideal choice to ignite their passion for music and keep them engaged in their free time from school.

Designed for beginners, the DEK-610 provides a great platform for your children to begin their musical journey. With 500 standard sounds to choose from, including piano, strings, percussion and electric sounds, they can explore various musical genres and create their own melodies. From classic compositions to modern hits, their creativity will know no bounds.

The DEK-610 features 300 rhythm styles in different musical genres, providing a diverse range of rhythms and grooves for your kids to play with. Whether they want to compose summer-inspired tunes or experiment with different rhythms, this piano has them covered.

To make learning even more enjoyable, the DEK-610 includes 40 songs with teaching functions. These songs are carefully selected to help your children develop their piano skills while having fun. With guided instructions and interactive features, they can learn at their own pace and gradually build their confidence.

Featuring a 20W dual 4-inch speaker stereo surround sound system, the DEK-610 ensures every note is delivered with impressive clarity and depth. Your children can show off their talent and play for the family, creating precious musical memories during the summer vacation.

The DEK-610 is designed with convenience in mind. It allows the connection of headphones, perfect for silent training sessions without disturbing others. Plus, it comes with a microphone, so your kids can sing along as they play, turning their piano sessions into delightful performances.

The DEK-610 offers three teaching functions: demo music teaching mode, follow mode and single finger chord mode. These features provide step-by-step guidance, making it easy for your kids to learn and progress. The large, clear LCD display shows the notes being played, giving them instant visual feedback and helping them in their learning process.

The kit includes everything your kids need to get started. It consists of the DEK-610 electronic piano, an AC adapter for continuous play, a sturdy keyboard stand to keep the instrument secure, a comfortable keyboard stool for extended practice sessions and a microphone for versatile music experiences.


By giving your children Donner DEK-610 Electronic Keyboard Kit, you are not only providing them with a wonderful instrument, but you are also fostering their creativity, discipline, and love of music. This summer, let their imaginations run wild as they embark on a musical adventure that will stay with them for life.

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