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Donner DDP-80 88 Key Home Digital Piano Woodland Style

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    Exquisite three-pedal
    The DDP-80 electric piano set comes with three pedals, which have the same function as an acoustic grand piano. The functions of the three pedals, from left to right, are Soft, Sostenuto, and Sustain. Connect the pedal to the three-pedal jack on the back of the piano to begin using it to express greater depth of musical range.
    Standard acoustic grand piano sound
    The DDP-80 has a unique, expertly sampled acoustic grand piano sound. The samples are created with advanced intelligent sampling technology and a beautiful French grand piano. The samples have been mixed and mastered to bring the perfect balance to the sound.
    Meticulous work
    The DDP-80 was designed to look good in your home as well as sound beautifully and play well. It is much smaller than acoustic pianos and is easy to set up and store in your home. If you are short on space, this electric piano can be a great replacement for an acoustic piano and make a great gift for experienced pianists and budding.
    — DDP-80 Digital Piano with 88 Weighted Keys
  • Premium Acoustic Piano Timbre
  • New AWM Dynamic Sampling, the Latest French DREAM Sound Source
  • Compact Design for Minimum Space
  • Keyboard: 88 Weighted Keys with Donner II Hammer Action Mechanical Hammer Effect
  • Surround Stereo Speaker 20W x 2
  • MIDI-USB output connection (note: MIDI input connections are not possible)

  • NOTE : The packaging of the piano has been improved to better protect it from risks during transport. Our Donner after-sales team remains at your disposal if you have any problems with assembly or use.
  • Please note: that the DDP-80 is equipped with a detachable sheet music holder.

  • Some Details Before Purchasing:
    1. The legs of the piano are made of metal wrapped in a wood effect, this reduces the overall weight of the instrument and reduces the risk of wear while improving its aesthetics. It also reduces the risks associated with changes in temperature or environment.
    2. This piano is also equipped with the triple pedal similar to that on an acoustic piano, in order to offer you a playing experience as faithful as possible.
    3. You have a connection for your headphones/headphones in Jack (6.35 mm) at the back of the keyboard.
    4. The jack for the triple pedal is located below the keyboard.
    5. If you place your instrument next to a TV or other strong electromagnetic environment, the sound and resonance of the piano may be affected. Pay attention to the environment in which you place your piano.
    NOTE: The Piano Stool is not included in this set but can be purchased separately. The product arrives as a kit, please follow the instructions for assembly. (The entire Donner after-sales team remains at your disposal for any possible problem of assembly or use.)
    Product Description: Donner DDP-80 Digital Piano.pdf
    Free Melodics Software
    Purchasing the Donner DDP-80 allows you to make music with the original Melodics software.

    Click here to claim your free DAW software and course. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.


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    • Bonjour, le piano DDP-80 sera-t-il bientôt à nouveau en stock? Merci d'avance!

      Bonjour, le ddp-80 est actuellement de retour en stock.

    • Bonjour, le piano DDP-80 sera-t-il bientôt à nouveau en stock? Merci d'avance!

      Bonjour, ce produit peut prendre trois mois avant d'être en stock, alors gardez un œil sur notre boutique.

    • Bonjour, Quand est-ce que le piano sera de nouveau en stock ? Cordialement

      Cher client, ce produit est actuellement en stock, veuillez passer votre commande dès que possible s'il vous plaît, les quantités sont limitées.

    • Les touches sont elles lestées ? Touché piano acoustique ? Merci

      Nous allons upgrading the keys to Hammer Action II with a progressive lever hammering action that captures finger force more accurately. Les 88 touches du clavier piano sont fabriquées en matériaux dépolis de haute qualité, plus texturés au toucher.

    • Bonjour, que veut dire la taille « pre sale » ? Il s’agit d’un piano pour adulte ou enfant (comme il semble sur les photos…)?

      Ce piano est de taille adulte.Taille: 49,9 pouces * 13,9 pouces * 29,3 pouces (126,8 cm * 35,5 cm * 74,5 cm)
      « pre sale » signifie un stock ouvert à l'avance pour les clients de passer des commandes, mais les marchandises ne sont pas encore arrivés à notre entrepôt d'outre-mer, nous avons marqué dans la page de détails sera livré aux clients au plus tard 5,15.

    • Bonjour Peut on brancher un casque sur le piano ? Merci

      Oui, ce piano supporte le mode casque et possède également une prise casque.

    • Bonjour Est ce qu’on peut utiliser un casque ou écouteur Bluetooth ? Je vois que vous proposez ce type de produit

      Cher client, nous sommes désolés, le piano DDP80 ne prend pas en charge la connexion Bluetooth pour le moment, vous ne pouvez donc pas utiliser le casque Bluetooth, mais vous pouvez brancher le casque filaire.

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