Les Soldes Donner Semi -annuels
Donner Music organizes semi-annual sales to celebrate the end of the middle of the year. An opportunity for you to benefit from discounts and save on your purchases. 


Donner Music FR offers many discounts on various musical instruments in limited quantities, such as on clarinets, guitars and saxophones.


The two weeks of Semi-annual sales officially start on June 27. These semi-annual sales are divided into three stages. The first, better known as  " The more I buy, the more I save money " , offers three-thirds off the price: £9 off orders over £49, £19 off orders over £99, and £69 off orders over 299€. To redeem, simply apply the code (MY01, MY02 and MY03 respectively) at checkout. These reductions are applicable on all the instruments of the shop, it is possible to combine them in order to save even more by using these codes.  9,99€
The second part of the sales is called the Snap Deals (Instant Offers). For 14 days, customers can purchase instruments and accessories at 9,99€. In particular, you can find a Donner FR page listing all the products eligible for instant offers, allowing you to choose the products that suit you more simply and quickly.

The Daily Deals (Daily Affairs) are the 3rd part of these Donner FR promotions. You can then benefit from limited significant reductions on the prices of many instruments, such as digital pianos, guitars, pedals etc.
Benefit from simple and effective reductions on all ranges of musical instruments from Donner. Treat yourself and your loved ones.

Popular products

Donner DDP-80 Piano numérique domestique 88 touches Style boiséDonner DDP-80 Piano numérique domestique 88 touches Style boisé
Donner DDP-80 88 Key Home Digital Piano Woodland Style
From 629,99 € 759,98 €
In stock, 256 units
Donner DEK-610 Electronic Keyboard Kit 61 KeysDonner DEK-610 Electronic Keyboard Kit 61 Keys
Donner DEK-610 Electronic Keyboard Kit 61 Keys
179,99 € 199,99 €
In stock, 155 units
Donner HUSH-I GuitareDonner HUSH-I Guitare
Donner HUSH-I Guitar
319,99 € 329,99 €
In stock, 438 units