Moukey MAMP1 Power Stereo Audio Amplifier

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    Moukey MAMP1 is a professional multi-function karaoke amplifier. It has 220 watts powerful peak power, excellent audio processing chip, monitoring function, one-click FM search channel function, dual microphone jacks, USB flash drive, SD card and others functions. It is definitely the first choice for home karaoke, office reinforcement, music monitoring and classroom stages.

    With a peak power of 220 watts, it is ideal for speakers from 5 to 8 inches.
    functional amplifier
    Simple and clear control buttons. Enter FM mode for the first time and press the AUTO button to find the search frequency with one button. CH- and CH+ are the upper and lower frequency settings respectively.
    Wireless connection
    Thoughtful multi-purpose design, please adapt to the appropriate equipment when using.
    Suitable for family reunions, karaoke nights, auditions and fun.
    Suitable for desktop audio expansion requirements.
    With monitoring function, suitable for personal music perception.
    Suitable for classroom teaching needs.
    Scope of delivery:
    • 1 x Moukey Stereo Amplifier
    • 1 remote
    • 1 x pipe antenna
    • 1x user manual
    Moukey Amplificateur de puissance stéréo Amplificateur de puissance stéréo compact Amplificateurs stéréo Bluetooth Peak
    peak power 220W 50W 100W
    Wireless connectivity
    HD-LCD screen X
    Usage Home / Office Car / Home / Office Home / Office


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