Moukey MEP-120 Digital Piano 88 Keys Fully Weighted Keyboard

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Moukey MEP-120 Digital Piano, 88 Key Keyboards
The Moukey digital piano, with 88 keys, is the perfect companion for your songs, your musical adventure in learning and creativity. Thanks to its advanced technology, it reproduces the sound of a traditional piano and even imitates its touch (sensation of play of the keys)! The Moukey MEP-120 keyboard not only gives you a wide variety of different sounds, but also inspires you to continue your passion.
LCD screen
The panel of the MEP-120 88-key piano is equipped with a clear LCD screen, displaying the features in use, thus facilitating their adjustments.
High quality sounds
The 88-key digital piano has 36 different high-quality built-in sounds and an intelligent recording bank. Each different sound gives you the experience of a real instrument. These rich and varied sounds help with inspiration and creativity.
Silent mode
You can connect your earphones/headphones (6.35mm Jack socket) to your 88-key heavy touch keyboard, to benefit from silent mode. You can play at home, anytime, without affecting your relatives or neighbors.
Powerful Speakers
This digital piano benefits from two high-quality built-in 25W speakers with a powerful bass effect, thus faithfully reproducing the quality of the sounds recorded by the device. You can also connect to it via Bluetooth to play your favorite songs.
Many Accessories
The set of this 88-key keyboard includes: a sustain pedal, a cover, an adapter and a sheet music stand.
Power Supply Compatibility
  • Earphone Jack (6.35mm)
  • Audio output (6.35 mm)
  • Power Port
  • Interface for sustain pedal
  • Audio input

Product Manual: Moukey MEP-120 Digital Piano.pdf


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