Moukey MAMX1 4-Channel Mono or Stereo Mixer

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Size: small 4 channel
Types: European standard socket
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Moukey MAMX1 4-channel DJ mixer with which you can combine different audio sources or instruments into a single channel. You can mix guitar, electronic drum, MP3 player and phone music, then enjoy the music you created. No hum and no audible noise in the system, quite transparent and smooth, the 4-channel stereo mixer provides nice pleasant using experiences - The 4-channel audio mixer has four 1/4 TRS inputs and one TRS output . The channels are stereo, not mono. On the front are four stereo mixer volume knobs that allow you to adjust each input level. Please insert a ground loop noise isolator in your computer line and in the mixer if audio data appears when mixing the computer and other devices.
Mini audio mixer.
The Moukey MAMX1 Mini Audio Mixer is an ultra-compact 4-channel line mixer for optimal sound quality, even at maximum volume. With a separate volume control, it controls each channel. The ultra-quiet 4580 operational amplifier produces exceptional sound quality. High-quality components and an extremely robust construction guarantee a long service life.
New design for buttons
Each channel has additional buttons that make switching between mono and stereo audio input more convenient and intuitive.
Product use
Our mixer is suitable for mixing most electronic musical instrument microphones. Electronic musical instruments such as electric guitars, electric drums, electric pianos, etc. The field of application is wide and unlimited.
New power mode
Most of the products are currently compatible with DC power supply, so our products are suitable for DC 5V power supply mode which is convenient for customers in many occasions. Like your Charger Adapter, Power Strip and Power Bank. As long as the voltage is 5V, the current can provide more than 500mA current for our products. Not suitable for laptops and computers.
Mini party.
Electric Bass / Guitar
MK0203. MK0105. MK0205.
MAMX2 6-Channel DJ Mixer MAMX3 8-Channel DJ Mixer MAMX1 4-Channel DJ Mixer
Canal. 6. 8. 4.
Supply voltage : 5 V CC. 5 V CC. 5 V CC.
Attention : Please use CE, FCC, UL, PSE and other adapters or power supplies to power the product. Please use CE, FCC, UL, PSE and other adapters or power supplies to power the product. Please use CE, FCC, UL, PSE and other adapters or power supplies to power the product.


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