Donner Disco Light 4 Effet de Faisceau Mini Dj Lights Party Light Sound RGBY LED Music Lights by DMX Control

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1.【Reliable Quality DPSS Diode Array】Small size, light weight, high efficiency, stable performance, good reliability, long life, high beam quality and many other advantages can bring amazing stability and reliability
2. 【Multiple Control Modes】 In addition to the necessary DMX, master / slave, voice control, self-driving control modes, but also with an easy-to-use wireless remote control, you can achieve the effect you want at will
3. 【Multiple Pattern Graphics】 The RGBY four-beam effect light with four mirror heads can provide more than 100 patterns, more than 300 graphics and effects. Uniform and beautiful light
4.【Double Adjustment Method】Different from the traditional panel adjustment, identical, thunder brings new light through the use of the remote control that comes with the product to adjust the light effect. Now you can easily and quickly control the effect depending on the situation
5.【Functional and Powerful Remote Control】With the included remote control, you can not only control the change between sound, auto and DMX mode, but also adjust the sensitivity in sound mode and the selection of different light colors

Connexion DMX
Equipped with interfaces for DMX inputs and outputs, which can be used to connect a DMX512 controller via DMX cable or to operate stage lights in master-slave mode
High Power Cooling Fan
The use of industrial high-speed cooling fan to ensure low noise while providing sufficient air pressure and air volume to ensure that the machine works normally at the correct temperature
High Sensitivity Microphone
Equipped with high sensitivity microphone, sound control mode can be based on music dynamics to present better lighting effect
Integrated Power Switch
Set the power switch, power socket, fuse in one, power module trinity, bringing better quality and longer life, when needed can quickly replace the fuse without tools to ensure the smooth running of the show


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