Eastar Beginner's Golden B-flat Trumpet ETR-380

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Eastar ETR-380 Student Standard Trumpet
B Flat/Gold/Student
1: The valve is solid, the spring rebounds quickly 2: The solder joint is stable and does not come off the solder 3: The sound is clean and clear. Easy to play 4: Good air tightness, there is resistance when the pistons go up, and the water key has good air tightness.

The cleaning kit is necessary to provide your instrument with careful maintenance every day.
  • Choice: Perfect for beginner or intermediate player
  • Sound: Clean and clear, penetrating, abundant and powerful, excellent vibration
  • Quality: Much more than necessary for a beginner player
Eastar will never disappoint you!
Easter is a renowned brand that designs and manufactures musical instruments dedicated to beginners and intermediate players.
Providing customers with high-quality products and services is our mission.
Choose Eastar
High quality
One of the important qualities of a trumpet is the ease with which the valves can be played, and their slow rise. This is why we use a mechanical precision of 1/100 mm to ensure that each piston can slide perfectly under the action of a lubricating oil. For even more maintenance, the pistons received an internal cleaning by ultrasonic waves three times.
Eastar Control System
Eastar has 20 years experience in trumpet making. We benefit from a very efficient product quality control. We check, not every product in every batch, but every element of every product.
We do everything
The ETR-380 model has stood out from the Bb trumpets, with its particularly clear, penetrating and abundant sound, and its excellent vibration. A beautiful appearance with a golden, dazzling and shiny even coat. Clean, sheer color with great shimmer.
How to clean your trumpet
pocket trumpet pocket trumpet
ETR-380 ETR-380N
Level Beginner/ Intermediate Beginner/ Intermediate
Key B flat major B flat major
Materials Brass Brass
main colors Lacquered gold Nickel plated
Son Clear and harmonious Clear and harmonious
cleaning set
Mouth 7C 7C


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