Eastar Melodica 37 Keys

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About Eastar Melodica
This 37-key Eastar melodica lets you take and enjoy playing the instrument anywhere with its compact and convenient design. It can easily slip into a bag for easy portability. It offers you two ways to use the instrument effectively: for advanced and professional players, it can be held upright close to the mouth and played like a flute. For starters, place it on your lap or on a table to get a full view of the keys. The body is made from non-toxic, healthy and safe ABS engineering resin.
Two game modes
The Melodica is a reed instrument with a mouthpiece, an air chamber and a keyboard. It is also known as the keyboard harmonica, melody horn, blowing organ, and pianica. It produces a sound when exhaling so as not to inhale. It features machined internal slots for better airflow and reinforced comb and air chambers to maximize usability. The professional melodica looks a lot like a harmonica, but by playing more than one note at a time, it can sound very close to an accordion.
  • Standing performance using the mouthpiece;
  • Performance seating using an extension pipe.
  • 37 melodica keys
    Safe and high quality
    The body is made from non-toxic, healthy and safe ABS engineering resin. Black body with black and white keys to give you a comfortable feeling, exquisite workmanship and durable. Use the phosphor bronze reed and copper base, the best quality materials to provide users with a standard tone.
    • Material: copper
    • Reed Material: Phosphor Bronze
    • Body material: non-toxic ABS
    • Carrying case material: Oxford cloth
    • Item Size: 47.3*11*4.5cm/18.6*4.3*1.8in
    • Shoulder strap size: 23 inches / 58.5 cm
    • Short mouthpiece size: 2.8/6.6cm
    Come with accessories
    • Eastar 37 Melodica Keys
    • Short mouthpiece
    • Extension pipe
    • Transport bag


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