Eastar Kit Battery 16"

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  • 3-shell acoustic drum set
  • Hardware included
  • Cymbal included
  • Shell material: poplar
  • Bass drum: 16" x 10" - beater head: 0.25mm transparent
    - resonance skin: 0.188mm white
  • Snare drum: 10" x 5" - batting head: 0.22mm thick white sanded head
    - resonance skin: 0.1mm thickness transparent skin
  • Tom: 8" x 6" - drum head: 0.188mm thick transparent head
    - resonance skin: 0.188mm thickness transparent skin
  • Cymbal: 10", thickness 0.8mm
  • Pack size of 57cm x 46cm x 37cm and Weight of 12kg

    Drum seat for children, maximum height of 42 cm, load capacity of 100 kg.

    The galvanized bass drum pedal is stronger than normal children's pedals and stays shiny for a long time thanks to the galvanization. It can be used by attaching it to the bottom of the tambourine.

    Two pairs of maple drumsticks, a pair of 5A adult drumsticks and a pair of children's drumsticks, so that parents and children can have fun together, playing musical instruments.

    Package Included :
    • bass drum
    • Tom
    • Snare
    • bass drum pedal
    • Cymbal
    • drum stool
    • drum sticks
    Why Choose Eastar
    6-sided fixing structure
    This construction holds the drumheads in place, ensures quality and makes the sound more consistent than 4-sided construction on the market. The drum sound is like that of the full size, giving children the best experience with the instrument.
    Pipe-shaped suspension
    This suspension holds the toms by inserting them directly to adjust the horizontal angle of the toms relative to the drummer. The suspension can be used to adjust the angle between the drum and the little beater.
    bass drum stand
    This structure raises the bass drum at an angle so that the drum faces upwards, allowing the sound to pass better, and the triangle is fixed so that the snare drum does not move when the drums are played.

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