Eastar EP-150 88 Key Digital Piano with Full Size Weighted Keys

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Eastar EP-150 Digital Piano
The Eastar EP-150 is an intelligent digital piano with all sense of design, specially designed for piano lovers.
  • In appearance, the EP-150 has a simple design, with an integrated keyboard-style console, which makes it easier to use and make music easier;
  • In terms of sound source, the EP-150 uses ten-layer high-fidelity sampling, sampled from an acoustic grand piano, with rich bass, natural and smooth mids, and bright and beautiful highs;
  • In terms of sound quality, the EP-150 has stereo speakers, which can harvest pure sound effects during the gaming process.
Sliding lid design
The smooth design of the sliding cover not only can protect the keys from dust and other dirt, make the keys cleaner, but also protect both hands from being hurt by the cover.
Automatic shutdown to save energy
The EP-150 weighted keyboard piano has an automatic shut-off function. In standby mode, the 88-key weighted keyboard piano automatically turns off when you stop playing the digital piano for 30 minutes. The 88-key weighted keyboard electric piano is a more energy-efficient piano.
MIDI connection
The EP-150 digital piano with 88 weighted keys has a USB-MIDI interface, which allows you to use the MIDI setting interface of the external device or software compatible with this piano to connect the application of learning.
Teaching model
The 88-key weighted digital piano can be split into two keyboards, allowing two people to play at the same time. Maximum polyphony of 128, never worry about sound loss. The EP-150 upright piano helps parents and teachers teach better.
Suitable for all types of piano lovers
The electronic keyboard piano adopts a standard weighted 88-key scaled-hammer keyboard, with a heavier bass area and a lighter treble area. At the same time, it is equipped with a 5-level strength adjustment, which is suitable for all players interested in the hand.
Ideal for keyboard piano beginners
The 88-key EP-150 weighted keyboard piano comes with 20 tones, wind music, strings, bass, and 21 demo songs. In addition, the 88-key digital piano equipped with powerful functions (metronome, recording, sound effect adjustment, MIDI connection) will inspire your musical talents and introduce you to the enjoyment of music.
What's included:
  • Digital Piano X 1
  • Power adapter (12V/DC, 3A) X 1
  • Music stand X 1
  • Left and right support plate X 1
  • Rear fixed plate X 1
  • Triple pedal X 1


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