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Eastar EP-120 Digital Piano 88 Fully Weighted Keys and Touchscreen

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Eastar EP-120 Keyboard Piano 88 Keys Heavy Touch with Interactive Touch Screen, Portable Digital Piano with Sustain Pedal, Power Cable Included, Suitable for Beginners.
Minimalist Design, Simple Operation
--- Eastar EP-120 Digital Piano 88 Weighted Keys
The EP-120 is Eastar's first portable 88-key electric piano with heavy hammer action. It adopts innovative intelligent touch panel, which makes the panel more concise and beautiful. The improved sound source strengthens the ductility of timbre, the volume and sound effects corresponding to the force of the touch keys are more realistic.

  • Dimensions : 144*35*24 CM
  • Weight: 11.6KG
  • Output power: ≥30W
  • Parameters: DC 12V 3A
Exceptional quality tones
The audio source library of this fully weighted 88-key keyboard uses advanced sampling (recording) technology, this means that the tones produced are made from recordings of a real grand piano, thus allowing the digital piano to offer a sound similar and faithful to an acoustic piano. Intelligent tone equalization, perfectly mimicking that of a real piano, gives you a feeling of playing like in a concert hall.
MIDI function Connected
The back of the 88-key keyboard has a USB MIDI port (type B, to buy), to which you can connect external devices such as tablets, and educational applications via smartphones. It can also be connected to mixing software, in order to create and record your songs.
practice in silence
The 88-key heavy-touch piano keyboard has a silent function. In the middle of the night, in a silent room, in a dormitory or in other places, you can now take advantage of your piano and practice in silence (6.5mm jack socket, to connect your headphones / headphones ) and immerse yourself in your own musical world.
Lossless stereo surround sound quality
Rich sound, full and delicate, real sound restoration produces steel hammers, with lossless 3D feeling. Giving you a real acoustic piano experience. The sound source is recorded from a grand piano and can be used for piano practice exams.
Metal sustain pedal
A sustain pedal is provided in this set, in order to give you the benefit of a deeper, richer experience and practice, in order to perfect the nuances of your game.

Note: If the sustain effect persists even when there is no play, please toggle the button on the side of the pedal to correct this effect.
Various external interfaces for greater compatibility
The back of the instrument benefits from many interfaces and is compatible with many external devices:
  • Interface MP3 Disque U
  • MIDI USB (type B)
  • Triple pedal
  • Single sustain pedal interface (6.35mm)
  • Audio input (6.35 mm)
  • Sortie Audio Output (6,35 mm )
  • Power cable
  • 1x EP-120 Digital Piano
  • 1 x sheet music stand
  • 1 x sustain pedal
  • 1x Adapter
  • 1 x Instruction
1 2
EP-10 EP-120
Keyboard Semi-weighted Full weight
Touch Name : 88 88
Polyphony 128 128
USB-MIDI connectivity
Headphone sockets 1 2


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