Eastar EK-10S Digital Piano Keyboard 61 Key Full Size Electronic Keyboard

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Title: EK-10S clavier électronique
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    Eastar EK-10S 61 Key Classic Wooden Digital Piano Keyboard
    The Eastar EK-10S is a classic 61-key wooden electronic keyboard for music initiation or piano introduction.
    • High quality : Eastar insists on high quality, from piano keys, to body material selection to sound quality optimization.
    • Thoughtful design: Eastar digital piano has imitation piano keys designed for beginners/children's hand strength, can be played smoothly, giving you a better playing experience.
    • Pure and rich sound: The Eastar digital piano uses full-range speakers and a wooden cabinet to make the sound quality smoother. Make you fall in love with listening to music.
    Elegant design
    This piano keyboard adopts an appearance design similar to that of an upright piano, which is beautiful and fashionable, making people feel like they are in a concert hall while practicing. Meanwhile, Eastar EK-10S digital piano uses wooden materials, the resonance effect produced by the wooden cabinet makes the sound quality more beautiful and soulful, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful world of music.
    Silent mode
    This electronic piano keyboard has various peripheral interfaces. When you want to have personal space or don't want the speakers to disturb other people in a quiet environment, you can connect headphones to the jack on the back of the piano to play.
    Educational function
    You can connect to the smart teaching APP system (Eastar does not provide App support) on your tablet or mobile phone via the USB MIDI interface, so that you can easily learn and practice at home even without a teacher.
    Smart chord function
    The EK-10S 61-key piano keyboard has single-finger chord functions and a multi-finger chord system. As soon as you play a note, you can produce a chord sound, which is conducive to creating richer music.
    sustain pedal
    The Eastar EK-10S 61-key piano keyboard is equipped with a high-quality sustain pedal. You can connect the sustain pedal to make the music you play more colorful.
    Sturdy desk
    As shown in the picture above, you can securely install the music stand to the keyboard with two screws. The sturdy music stand can perfectly protect your equipment or music book during practice sessions or performances.
    • Product size: 950x290x715mm
    • Product weight: 12.9 kg
    • Rated voltage: DC 12V/2000mA external power adapter
    • Keyboard and display: 61 keys and multifunctional LED
    • Tones and Rhythms: 500 Standard MIDI Tones/300 Rhythm Styles
    • Demo Songs: 40 Famous Demo Songs
    • Automatic bass chords: One-finger and multi-finger chord system
    • Control and sound effect: Vibrato, beat, double, split
    • Game recording: Recording/playback
    • External interfaces: MP3, headphones, audio in/out, microphone, pedal, USB MIDI
    • Product Manuals: Eastar EK-10S Digital Piano Keyboard


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