Donner Vowel 2-in-1 Mini Active Wah and Volume Guitar Effects Pedal

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    Characteristics of the "Vowel"
    • Two modes: Volume and Wah.
    • Materials: Hard plastic, rigid and strong.
    • Input input Jack 1/4 mono audio jack, to connect your instrument.
    • Output Jack 1/4 stereo audio jack, for signal outputs.
    • Input Impédance (Mode Volume) : 1M Ohms.
    • Output Résistance (Mode Expression) : 100 Ohms.
    • Power supply 9V DC (negative polarity in the center).
    • Current: 140mA.
    • LED bulbs serve as indicators to know which mode is activated
    • Dimensions : 148.5(L)*65.5(l)*61(H)mm.
    • Net weight: 250g.
    2 IN 1
    The new pedal by Donner called "Vowel" 2 in 1 Volume and Wah, is designed in analog circuit. The 2-mode Volume and Wah effect pedal is made of a sturdy and thick plastic housing, yet extremely light, which makes it very practical for all guitarists. Don't bother with heavy pedals with only one option each. Just plug and play!
    Just press the pedal to activate the button below to switch between volume and wah effect. The LEDs indicate the activated mode: in green it is the volume, in red it is the Wah mode. The Wah option emits feedback from the CryBaby effect. Take advantage of the eerie tonal shifts and available harmonies specific to the Wah pedal. In volume mode, Donner has created a special active circuit that provides impeccable sound reproduction. This Vowel 2-in-1 pedal will meet all the unique requirements and needs of every guitarist.
    As you can see, the Vowel has a special design: a red body, a beautiful logo, a small size. Its design allows an impeccable rendering of the two modes whether in Wah return or in volume mode, with a very small pedalboard. Much smaller than the usual footswitches for volume pedal or Wah pedal. Made of sturdy, lightweight plastic housing. Create your own music, create your moment.
    Note :
    Please use a power cable with DC 9V voltage, center negative and end positive polarity, and current 500mA or more, for your pedal. Use that does not comply with these instructions could cause serious damage to your product or even lead to it no longer working.


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