Donenr RISING-U CRYSTAL Travel Ukulele

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Travel Soprano Ukulele by Donner, 53 cm RISING-U CRYSTAL, Crystal Ukulele, Transparent Black, Waterproof, Friends Gift Idea, Includes Gig Bag, Strap, Spare Strings, Tuner, Pick, Cleaning Cloth
Anti fingerprints
Donner's new ukulele is made from high-strength transparent fiberglass - crystal fibers - and additionally benefits from a "frosted" finish on top. What makes this new ukulele not only waterproof, but in particular avoids the appearance of fingerprints after many uses. Ideal for taking it to the beach, music festivals or just hanging out with friends.
Frets, anti-wear design
The design of the frets of this ukulele by Donner, makes it possible to reduce the wear of the strings when they are pressed on them. Offering in particular a great stability and therefore a resonance of the vibration of the strings more effective. This reduces the loss of sound quality and prolongs the life of your instrument.
Composition of keys
As professional musical instrument makers, Donner takes pride in certain details of their creations. Likewise, the composition of this ukulele neck has been carefully thought out. This is because the closer the strings are to the fingerboard, the less pressure required to produce a harmonious sound. In addition, the distance between the strings themselves and between the frets has been meticulously arranged in order to allow the player to be able to play faster while requiring a minimum of effort.
Unique design for unique tone control
This instrument has a one-piece design. In particular, this allows the vibrations to resonate throughout the instrument in a more homogeneous way and thus to create a sound box with optimal acoustics. In addition, the unique design of the rosette allows the sound to come out and resonate in the best possible conditions to reach the spectators while avoiding the loss of maximum detail of the sound.
The new Donner ukulele is made from high strength transparent fiberglass - crystal fibers - and has a "frosted" finish on the top. Which makes this new ukulele not only waterproof, but also prevents fingerprints from multiplying after many uses. Ideal for taking it to the beach, music festivals or just hanging out with friends.
Resistant to low and high temperatures
The new ukulele from Donner is specially designed for outdoor use and also has a setting for product temperature adaptability. In particular, this allows the instrument to adapt to high temperatures outside as well as to the lowest temperatures without having to worry about the effects of these on the quality of the sound.


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