Donner Triple Looper 3 Slots Each 30 Minutes Max with Display for Bass Guitar

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With Donner's Triple Looper Pedal, you can loop for up to 30 minutes and enjoy unlimited overdubs. It has a particularly compact housing and a True Bypass function.
efficient chip
It automatically backs up recorded files even if the device is turned off.
3 memory slots
The Triple Looper has three independent memory slots, each allowing you to record loops of up to 30 minutes and benefit from an unlimited number of overdubs.
LED screen
Its clear LED screen displays all the important information, it allows a more intuitive use compared to loopers which only have an LED indicator.
1. DC IN : Food port. DC 9V 300mA.
2. Level : Adjust the playback volume.
3. Loop channel switch : To choose save locations for recorded loops.
4. Inputs: Connects to your instrument with a 1/4'' jack cable.
5. Adisplay
6. Exit : Connects to an amplifier or other effects with a 1/4'' jack cable.
7. foot control : Looper operation switch.
  • metal case
  • dimensions : 93mm x 42mm x 52mm(LxPxH)
  • settings: Level (loop volume)
  • entrée : jack 6,35 mm mono (impedance: 2.2M Ohms)
  • sortie : jack 6,35 mm mono (impedance: 100 Ohms)
  • power supply: 9 V DC 300mA center negative power adapter (not included)

One footswitch for all operations
Section an empty slot. Press the footswitch once and recording begins (display shows REC). A second press and the recording will stop to switch to playback (the screen displays PLAY). A new press and a new recording will start over the previous one (the screen displays DUB).
In playback mode, press and hold the footswitch for 1 second to erase the last recorded passage (the screen displays UNDO), repeat this operation and the erased loop will reappear (the screen displays REDO).
Double-tap the footswitch to stop playback or recording (the display shows STOP). Double-tap then hold down the footswitch to erase all loops in the same slot (the screen displays CLEAR then EMPTY).
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The Morpher Blues Drive noise killer black mouse TRIPLE BOUCEUR
Effect Entrainment/Distortion Conduct Noise gate intelligent Black Classic Distortion looper
Features 3 way tone switch  Two types of wires Two noise reduction modes 2 way tone switch Time progress bar display
Power source 9V CC 9V CC 9V CC 9V CC 9V CC
Speciality legendary sound of high gain stack amps legendary TS-style overdrive Sensitive but smooth Sound For a real underground rock scene Automatically save recorded files
Circuit Bypass of Ture Bypass of Ture Bypass of Ture Bypass of Ture Bypass of Ture


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