Donner Dyna 4 Active Nearfield Speakers 4" Speakers with CSR Bluetooth 5.0 Professional

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Stereo CSR Bluetooth 5.0
In addition to professional music applications, Dyna4 is designed for enjoying hi-fi music listening in various modes, editing videos, watching movies, gaming, and many other functions. With Bluetooth CSR 5.0 mode, enjoy your favorite music anywhere and anytime. Thanks to their multi-functional quality, discover a new way to enjoy and rediscover your favorite tracks with Dyna speakers.
Room space/HF Trim
Professional Acoustic and Speaker Settings,Room Space and HF Trim are settings dedicated to the acoustic reflection of a room.

Room Space:this setting is used to compensate for exaggerated low frequency feedback in certain acoustic environments.

HF Trim:It boosts or cuts high-frequency outputs by 2dB.

Pair of acoustic insulation foams for loudspeakers
Emphasize clarity, reduce noise, provide cleaner performance, better bass return, while avoiding high-frequency dripping. The ideal solution for obtaining effective insulation between the enclosure and the surface. These two components were created from high-density acoustic foam.

CREATE OPTIMAL SOUND: Speaker enhancers help fine-tune optimal audio performance. They reduce vibration and help eliminate unwanted audio resonance levels, while helping to project clean sound from the speakers.
Volume adjusts the volume level of the TRS, RCA, Auxiliary, Bluetooth inputs and headphone output. When set to the 12 o'clock position, the speakers are optimized for a nominal 0dB input. It is recommended to set the volume to 0dB for a neutral and clear sound.

The Room Space setting, set to 0dB, will allow a flat frequency response. The -2dB position will attenuate the frequency below 400Hz by 2dB and the -4dB position will attenuate the frequency below 400Hz by -4dB.

The HF Trim setting set to 0dB produces a flat frequency response. The +2dB position boosts the frequency above 2kHz by 2dB, while the -2dB position cuts the frequency below 2kHz by -2dB.
Included in the bundle:
  • 1 x Dyna4 H High-Definition Active Nearfield Monitors (one pair)
  • 1 x Isolation pads for studio monitors (one pair)
  • 2 x EVA Insulation Bottom Sticker
  • 1 x 1/8” RCA Stereo Aux Cable
  • 1 x IEC power cable
  • 1 x Bare Wire Speaker Cable
  • 1x User Manual
The high-definition Dyna4 active proximity monitors from the Dyna range offer you absolute frequency response, a precise acoustic field, high-quality components, professional acoustic settings, and studio speakers in an ultra-compact format for a use in any context. With countless hours of measuring and evaluating acoustic data, in many different rooms, and careful conceptualization of acoustic settings, Dyna Series high-definition active studio monitors have been designed to allow you to get a true and pure sound.
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Donner Dyna3 3' (pair) Black Donner Dyna3 3" (Pair) White Donner Dyna4 4" (Pair) Black
Type 3' 2-Way Studio Monitors 3' 2-Way Studio Monitors 4' 2-Way Studio Monitors
Overall frequency response Total frequency response: 80Hz - 22kHz Total frequency response: 80Hz - 22kHz 70 Hz - 22 kHz
Cross frequency 1,2 kHz 1,2 kHz 1,2 kHz
Driver LF / HF HF driver: 2.5 cm silk dome / LF driver: 7.6 cm woven HF driver: 2.5 cm silk dome / LF driver: 7.6 cm woven HF driver: 2.5 cm silk dome / LF driver: 10.2 cm woven
Dimensions 136 x 150 x 205 mm 136 x 150 x 205 mm 155 mm x 168 mm x 230 mm
Weight 3.9kg (pair) 3.9kg (pair) 5.36kg (pair)


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