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    Connexion Bluetooth
    The equipment of course benefits from a wireless connection via Bluetooth.
    Effective autonomy
    Thanks to its built-in lithium battery, you get up to 4/6 hours of battery life so you can stream wherever you want!
    Great compatibility
    This equipment is suitable for live on Youtube, Twitch, Spotify, Hitbox, BeamPro, or even for any other recording software.
    Easy to use
    Suitable for use on Smartphone or computer.
    【All-in-one for live streaming】
    The Donner audio interface is used as a podcasting device. The sound card provides excellent sound quality and intuitive, comprehensive modulation to optimize voice and sound effects. The podcast gear set is equipped with an XLR-6.35mm podcast microphone and a 6.35mm input to connect your instrument. As for the built-in battery, it lasts 4-6 hours, you can start live streaming anytime and anywhere.

    【Multi-functional and professional】
    This podcast equipment consists of a professional digital audio mixer designed for podcast recording and live streaming, supporting up to 4 devices and 2 people. The mixer benefits from built-in high-performance digital DSP reverb processing, supports high-definition digital recording, noise reduction, live streaming to two phones, wireless accompaniment while providing tracking live via headphones.

    【Multiple sound special effects】
    The sound card benefits from 8 pre-recorded sound effects (applause, cheers, kisses, etc.) and 4 custom sound effects. As well as 5 faders for a more professional and fluid adjustment. The mixer benefits from integrated processing of reverb, equalization and modulation effects, to enjoy a more intuitive and simple use so that the live broadcast is more lively and toned.

    【Wide Compatibility and Various Interface】
    This podcast kit benefits from a USB plus cable and a Type-C adapter for direct connection to your smartphone, tablet, PC or MAC. More than a USB sound card 2 x balanced 1/4" TRS mono inputs, 2 x screen level inputs and 2 x screen level outputs. Ideal for podcasting, live streaming, live performances, for YouTube, Twitch, studio music recording, etc.

    【What the bundle includes】
    This bundle includes 1 mixer, 1 microphone, 1 microphone stand, 1 Canon 6.35mm microphone cable, 2 3.5mm audio cables, 1 USB-C to USB-A data cable, 1 USB-A adapter to USB-C, 1 * user manual. In addition, we provide impeccable after-sales service for a hassle-free user experience. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, our customer service is open 24 hours a day to offer you assistance at any time.


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