Donner MINI Turbo Guitar Amplifier

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Donner Headphone Guitar Amp, Mini Turbo Guitar Amplifier for Headphones, 10 Modules, with Tuner, Built-in Multi Effects Delay Reverb Chorus Overdrive, USB Export

The Donner MINI Turbo Headphone Guitar Amp benefits from:
Wireless Connection
Connect your Mini Turbo Headphone Guitar Amp to your phone/tablet/PC via BT functionality to play along to your favorite tunes.
10 classic cabinet IRs and more
The MINI Turbo Donner Guitar Amp for Headphones has 10 IR Cabinet modules (distortion effects on the signal emitted from the guitar). You can also save your favorite IR files here. Enjoy and create your own music!
Excellent sound quality
Bypass functionality provides maximum quality and zero sound loss. This gives you pure, noise-free tone.
All in one mini guitar amp
Donner's Turbo Mini Amp is loaded with advanced features, benefits from a multitude of effects, and gives you a tuner at your fingertips. You can play along with accompaniments thanks to the BT functionality, by recording your music or by exporting your music to modify them or share the music you have created.
Note :
Please use a power cable with DC 9V voltage, center negative and end positive polarity, and current 500mA or more, for your pedal. Use that does not comply with these instructions could cause serious damage to your product or even lead to it no longer working.


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