Donner LAX COMP Analog Compressor Guitar Pedal

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    The LAX COMP Donner Pedal is an analog compressor based on the classic 1176 compressor. It compresses instrument signals from multiple inputs to achieve a very dynamic and fat tone, while maintaining the quality of the original input tone.

    You get settings for Sustain, Attack, Limit, and Level, to suit your different musical needs, including big compression, more transients, or just some tonal tweaking. The EQ switch is used to adjust the clarity of the output tone. Also take advantage of the True Bypass circuit. To try it is to adopt it !

    Main Features :
    - Based on the classic 1176 compressor
    - Four settings available
    - Two choices of EQ
    - Dynamic and fat sound
    - 100% analog, True Bypass

  • 1. DC IN : input for power supply, use a regulated power supply 9V DC, 50mA or less, center negative polarity.
  • 2. Sustain : Adjusts the compression rate and increases the SUSTAIN. This is the main control for your compression effect. This will limit or spread your signal if you play louder or softer. As your signal declines, it will increase in volume to create longer sustain. Note: Higher sustain settings also increase background noise.
  • 3. Attack : Adjusts the speed at which the compressor picks up louder signals. Faster attack times (right) benefit players using higher output instruments with active pickups or humbuckers. Turn left when using lower output pickups for nice compression.
  • 4. Level : Adjusts the volume level of the final signal coming out of the compressor. Adjust the unity to compensate for lost gain due to compression or increase it to increase the effect. At the 12 o'clock position, it is the average balance of input and output volume.
  • 5. Limit : Attenuates and limits the input signal when it is too large and produces unwanted distortion. This preserves a clean signal by lowering the input signal to the limit.
  • 6. Tone switchTone switch:Adjust the clarity of the tone. The Natural position is the original circuit, it does not fundamentally alter the clarity of the tone and keeps the original input and output tone consistent. The Bright position adds high frequencies to meet the demand of some funky style users for bright, clear tones.
  • 7. LED : Indicates effect on/off.
  • 8. Jack input: 6.35mm Mono Jack audio socket for connection to input device or instrument.
  • 9. Sortie Jack : 6.35mm mono jack audio socket, effect output for connection to an amp or other devices.
  • 10. Foot switch: control on/off status of effects, true bypass.
  • Thunder LAX COMP User Manual.pdf
  • Instructions d’installation :
    1 Connect the power supply, use a 9V DC 50mA power cable, with center negative polarity.
    2 Connect the cable from your instrument to the Jack input on the right side of the pedal.
    3 Connect your amp or other pedals to the Output Jack on the left side of the pedal.
    4 Press the On/Off footswitch, then adjust the Sustain, Attack, Level and Limit parameters as well as the Tone footswitch.
    5 And enjoy your performance!
    NOTE : Compressors are most useful for bright, clean, or slightly pushed sounds, and as such should be placed as close to the start of your chain as possible.

  • Hall :Mono audio Jack 6,35mm (1/4”)
    (Impedance: 470k Ohms)
  • Exit :Mono audio Jack 6,35mm (1/4”)
    (Impedance )
  • Power Requirements:AC 9V DC adapter,
    center negative polarity
  • Fluent :50 mA
  • Dimensions :112(D)*60(W)*31(H)mm
  • Weight :260g
  • Included in the set:Pedal, user manual, stickers.

  • Feed :

  • Be sure to always use only a DC 9V AC adapter with center negative polarity. Using an adapter other than the one specified may cause damage or malfunction to the device and pose a risk to your safety.
    Always connect the AC adapter to its dedicated outlet that provides the correct voltage required.
    Unplug the AC adapter from the outlet during lightning storms or if you will not be using the device for an extended period of time.

  • Connexions :

  • Always turn off the power before plugging or unplugging. Be sure to disconnect all cables and the AC adapter before moving the device. This will help prevent malfunctions and damage.

  • Environmental Conditions:

  • Avoid using the device in any of the following situations, as they may cause it to malfunction:
    - Extremely hot or cold environments;
    - Under direct sunlight;
    - Magnetic fields;
    - Near heaters and other sources of heat;
    - Sandy or dusty environments;
    - Extremely humid environments or environments exposed to splashing water;
    - Places with a lot of vibrations.


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