Donner Dumbal Drive Analog Guitar Overdrive Pedal

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10 types of world-class delay effects ranging from classic to ambient, including Digital, Analog, Tape, Lofi Delay, Mod Delay, Ping Pong,
Reverse delay, Deluxe delay, Shimmer delay et Tremolo delay.
Provides total 20 kinds of amazing delay tones via Modern and Retro switches.
Built-in 17 second looper. 
Integrated Tap Tempo function.
Stereo inputs and outputs added flexibility to fit any type of setup. Switchable True Bypass mode/Trail ON mode for pedalboard flexibility.
The Donner Island Delay & Looper Pedal is a multi-type delay and looper pedal with the most useful functions and 10 types of world-class delay algorithms from classical to ambient plus a 17-second looper.
Not only provides immaculate hot digital tape delay like Digital Delay, Analog Delay, Tape Delay, but also includes Lofi Delay, Modulation Delay, Ping Pong Delay, Inverse Delay, Harmonic Delay of luxury, the Shimmer Delay and the Tremolo Delay.
With the oriented tone switch, you can have 20 amazing types of delay effects in one small pedal. The built-in tap tempo function and simple settings let you set your own delay tone as easily as possible.
The stereo inputs and outputs give you an impressive and huge delay tone. Trail ON (Buffer Bypass) mode and True Bypass mode give you the choice to decide whether to keep the delay tail or keep your tone characters.
There is vast creative potential in the Donner Island Multifunction Delay & Looper Pedal.


Donner Soph Gate Pedal Donner Dumbal Pedal Trainer Donner Pedal Vintaverb Donner Pedal Island
Effect noise gate overdrive Reverberation Delay and Looper
Power source 9VCC 9VCC 9VCC 9VCC


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