Donner Extreme Driver Distortion Pedal Guitar Effect Analog Distortion Pedal 3 Modes True Bypass

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  • The Donner Extreme Driver is a compact and efficient analog distortion pedal.
  • It delivers three variations of distortion that you set using the three-position switch: TUBE, ULTRA, NORMAL.
  • All settings are adjustable according to your wishes thanks to the three potentiometers for gain (GAIN), tone (TONE) and volume (LEVEL).
  • Benefiting from a True Bypass circuit, it ensures perfect respect for the guitar signal when the pedal is not engaged.
  • Due to its compact size, it will take up very little space on your pedalboard.
Features :
  • effect pedal
  • type: distortion
  • True Bypass
  • metal case
  • settings: LEVEL, TONE, GAIN, 3-position switch (TUBE, ULTRA, NORMAL) modes: TUBE: smooth, tube sound, "e-mod" style; ULTRA: Powerful, edgy, "U-mod" style sound; NORMAL: classic, natural and original 80s sound
  • LED d'indication ON/OFF
  • input: 6.35 mm mono jack
  • sortie : jack 6,35 mm mono
  • power supply: 9 V DC center negative power adapter (not included)
  • consumption: 10mA
  • dimensions : 93,5 x 42 x 52 mm (LxPxH)
  • weight: 225g
2 2 o ki
extreme driver black mouse ABY switch Revecho
Effect Distortion Distortion ABY BOX Delay and reverb
Features Original sound from the 80s Classic & Hot buffer bypass buffer bypass
Power source 9V CC 9V CC 9V CC 9V CC


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