Donner DTC-100S Electric Guitar Telecaster Left Handed Guitar

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This set of electric guitar Donner DTC-100S contains all the accessories you'll need to play right out of the box! It includes: Donner DTC-100S electric guitar, good quality gig bag, strap and cable. Save time and money with this all-in-one electric guitar bundle! And create your own music!
A unique design/strong>
This left-handed DTC-100S guitar features a poplar wood body with elegant finishes, chrome tuners, good quality brass strings, and a pickguard (PVC pickguard). Tuners (tuning keys) are made of steel to facilitate tuning and ensure consistency. This bundle not only includes all the items you would need to learn and play the guitar, but the price is so low that giving it a try doesn't require a big investment.
3 possible modes with the microphones
You can choose to use the 2 microphones at the same time or either one or the other. The pickup closer to the neck will produce warmer, rounder tones. The pickup closest to the bridge will provide brighter, snappy tones. The DTC-100S offers natural, vibrant sounds at a very affordable price, while giving you the convenience and flexibility of features that will get the beginner guitarist in your home up to scratch in no time. The DTC-100S delivers a smooth tone ideal for rock and roll, blues, and any type of music in between. Choose your guitar, and start your musical adventure now!
Perforation design on the back
This guitar has the particular characteristic of being perforated in the back. This characteristic allows in particular to improve the resonance of the instrument as well as its sustain (maintenance of the sound). The strings being thus directly in contact with the body, thus allow a better transmission of the vibrations in the body of the guitar.
The DTC-100S bundle includes a 10cm thick electric guitar gig bag. In particular, you benefit from a pocket that all musicians will appreciate for storing their accessories such as cables, sheet music, etc. The bottom of the cover is reinforced with an anti-wear strip. The bundle also includes high-quality electric guitar strap and cables made by Donner. The strap allows you more comfort and less risk of shock to your guitar during use. And what's more, high-quality cables are not to be neglected in order to protect your guitar's signal and make it sound impeccable and reduce unwanted noise and interference. This instrument benefits from a quality wood for its creation which improves the warm sound produced. Choose your instrument and create your own music!


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