Donner DLP-124B Electric Guitar Black

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Sets: DLP-124B Guitare Électrique
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This set of electric guitar Thunder DLP-124B includes Donner DLP-124B electric guitar, good quality electric guitar gig bag, guitar cable and strap. Save yourself time and money by buying this all in one electric guitar bundle! The DLP-124B has a basswood body with fine curves, chrome tuners, and good quality nickel strings. Tuning keys are made of iron to ensure easy adjustment that lasts.
A Unique Design
The DLP-124B has a basswood body with round shapes, chrome tuners and high-quality nickel strings. Tuning keys are made of iron to ensure easy tuning that lasts. This bundle not only includes all the items you would need to learn and play the guitar, but the price is so low that giving it a try doesn't require a big investment.
Noise reduction and strap quality
Providing excellent quality electric guitar cables and straps for the electric guitar enthusiast musicians. These sturdy straps help protect your guitar from damage that could be caused by clumsiness during use. In addition, good quality guitar cables are a necessity in order to ensure signal quality while reducing unwanted noise. Don't hesitate any longer, buy this bundle today and make your music!
A good quality cover
This DLP-124B set is equipped with a 10cm thick electric guitar cover. It also has a pocket that allows the musician to store all his accessories such as sheet music, guitar cables, etc. The bottom of the cover is reinforced with an anti-wear material.
Selection of materials
Each piece of wood making up the instrument has been meticulously selected. The quality of these parts is of vital importance to the guitar. Each piece is then left to dry in the open air for 3 years. If after that one of the pieces does not meet our criteria, it is discarded. We want the parts selected and used in the manufacture of our instruments to meet strict standards in order to ensure the quality of the final product.


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