Donner DKM-20 Disco-Shinystar Karaoke Box 60W

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【Professional karaoke sound】
Donner Disco-Shinystar is developed with the professional acoustic structure and design - the unique 90º inclined speaker port tube design can effectively suppress the speaker resonance and strengthen the low frequency output; Plus, it can eliminate background noise for clear vocals that rise above the music so you can sound great.
【Loud enough for karaoke】
Donner Disco-Shinystar was born for karaoke, whose proprietary power amplifier delivers 15W (RMS) power through a 3.5-inch speaker and even 60W (PEAK) peak power in the range of frequencies 30Hz-20kHz. Whether in a small room or at the beach, you'll have the power you need for an instant party.
【6 fun voice effects】
One click toggles between 6 built-in voice-changing effects: Female, Male, Child, Robot, Autotune, and Singing. Make your party more entertaining with our Disco-Shinystar Karaoke Machine. And it also comes with a variety of ambient sound effects so you can bask in the applause of adoring fans.
【Colorful disco light】
The Donner Mini Karaoke PA System has two kinds of shining lights: 1. Spotlights shine from its 3-color LED disco ball and light up your party; 2. There are two circular neon lights on the front speaker, which can display 6 different dual lighting combinations. Now you can customize the lights to suit the mood and have fun with it!
【Powerful and portable】
The Donner Karaoke Speaker has the powerful compatibility to meet your needs. Connects easily via Bluetooth 5.0, USB or AUX; High quality rechargeable battery ensures long use time (lasts up to 6-25 hours on a full charge); Portable design - a built-in handle on the back, it can be easily lifted even by children. Fancy an outdoor party? Just grab the Disco-Shinystar and go!


Contents of the box:

  • Karaoke machine*1
  • Wired Microphone*2
  • Remote control * 1
  • Manuel * 1

Advice on the use of products

Question 1 : 
What types of microphones can be used with Disco-Shinystar?
Answerwith : 
Disco-Shinystar comes with two original wired microphones. The two MIC IN jacks on the side of the product are compatible with other wired microphones or wireless microphone receivers on the market that use 1/4 inch audio plugs.

Question 2 : 
What devices can the Disco-Shinystar connect to?
Reponse : 
We support wireless connection of all Bluetooth-enabled smart devices. In addition, the Disco-Shinystar can also connect to a TV, computer, smartphone or MP3 player via the AUX IN socket and play.


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