Donner DED-400 Electronic Drum Set

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    Donner DED-400 Electronic Drum Set, Silent Electronic Drum Kit, Kit for Adult, with 400 Sounds, for Professional with Bass Drum Pedal, More Stable Steel Structure, Support Set
    Heavy Duty 30cm Crash Cymbal
    The 30 cm Crash Cymbal benefits from a striking zone on the edge to the center, as well as the 30 cm Ride. All cymbals have a stable support structure, which prevents shaking and does not emit unpleasant vibrations. The pads are made of a state-of-the-art silicone, which in particular extends the life of the product.
    Extension possible with a Crash2 and a Tom4
    Crash 2s and Tom 4s can be added in expansion up to 6 drums and 4 cymbals, allowing you to flexibly adapt your drumming to suit your style and needs.
    Bass Drum Pedal
    This electronic drum kit with its mechanical simulation pedal for bass drum, gives you a feeling of playing faithful to that on acoustic drums, and eliminates the sound of physical percussion as much as possible. (Supports dual pedals)
    Sturdy and Stable Structure Material
    The stability of your instrument is essential. That's why every part of the structure is firmly fixed so that every music lover can fully concentrate on their performance rather than suffer its discomfort.
    Storage size: 74cm x 100cm
    Create your own music
    The DAW (Digital audio workstation) software can be linked via the USB MIDI interface as a tool for your music creation, or you can record your creation with the sound card via the audio output. The DED-400 is designed for professional performance, practice/practice, or studio recording.
    • Taille: 85.5cm * 57.5cm * 36cm
    • Weight: 29kg
    • Cymbal materials: silicone & plastic
    • Pad materials: nylon & foam
    • Other Materials: Iron
    • Power supply: 9V/DC
    Free Melodics Software
    Purchasing the Donner DED-400 allows you to make music with the original Melodics software.

    Click here to claim your free DAW software and course. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.
    Included in the set: 
    Tube de support : 350mm*1/620mm*4/700mm*2/750mm*2
    Adjustment board * 1
    Drum Pad*4
    Cymbal pad * 3
    Bass drum * 1
    Bass drum pedal* 1
    Hi-hat pedal * 1
    Cymbal stand * 3
    Signal connection line * 1
    Drum Key*1
    Power cable * 1
    Instrument cable*1
    Give DED-400 Instruction Manual


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