Donner DDP-400 Premium Upright Digital Piano with 88 Keys Progressive Heavy Touch

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    Donner DDP-400 Compact Piano for Home or Stage Use
    --Upright Digital Piano 88 Weighted Keys
    • The designers at Donner have optimized the space of the cabinet to provide better resonance to the sound emitted by the speakers in order to fill the room with sound with warm and round tones.
    • The soft curves and warm texture of the wood also give this piano a vintage look that can add a decorative touch to your room, bedroom or studio.
    • Plus, with its compact dimensions, smaller pedals, and lighter weight than its acoustic counterpart, this piano is easy to move around, so you can easily find a perfect spot for it.
    Authentic Sound Quality Replica
    • The French Dream sound source of this piano has been updated twice, in order to reproduce the sound of a real acoustic piano as faithfully as possible.
    • It also benefits from two built-in duo amplifiers, with a maximum power of 25W, meeting all your acoustic requirements for piano sounds, offering you a sophisticated design and features that will have you addicted in no time.
    • For performances/small shows, you can adjust the volume of the speakers to fill the entire room with the majestic sound of your new piano.
    A design with smooth curves
    • This furniture extension design has been patented, it benefits in particular from materials with a matte and glossy duo finish, offering a vintage style that will blend perfectly into the decor of your home, studio, or bedroom. For those with high standards, who like a certain lifestyle with quality tastes.
    More Details on the DDP-400 Digital Piano

    Digital Piano 88 Weighted Keys
    It boasts an 88-key keyboard with progressive heavy feel, a dual-sensor design, as well as a metal triple pedal identical to that found on a grand piano, allowing you to express all the small sonic subtleties of your playing, for a performance full of emotions.
    A Digital Piano for Concert
    The DDP-400 piano gives you playing feel, tones, and features to explore all kinds of musical genres and playing styles. Bluetooth lets you play along with tunes via connection on IOS, Android, or computer with the USB MIDI connection.
    Compact Upright Piano for Home Use
    What could be more moving than to be moved by one of your loved ones who is blossoming in a new passion. By offering a piano, you offer a passion for life, a journey in the world of music and creation, allowing them to flourish and perhaps even discover new talents. The DDP-400 is the ideal piano for the first steps in a musical adventure.

    • Package Weight and Size: 146 x 50 x 45 cm; 64kg
    • Piano size (after assembly): 140 x 90 x 40 cm
    • Max Output Power: 25W x 2
    • Adapter: 18V, 3A
    • Device Ports: 4 x Audio, 2 x MIDI interfaces, 1 x USB MIDI interface
    • Suitable for Devices: IOS/ Android/ PC
    • Main Material: Premium ABS Plastic
    • Product Notice: Donner DDP-400 Home Piano. pdf

    Other features:
    • Dual Tone
    • Keyboard Division
    • Metronome
    • Transposition
    • Clavier Duo
    • Auto Tuner
    • Record/ Play
    • Samples

    • Piano Keyboard Heavy Touch
    The 88-key DDP-400 keyboard benefits from a progressive heavy touch identical to that which can be experienced on an acoustic piano. The force involved in pressing the keys is gradual as it is subject to a hammer mechanism, which therefore makes the lowest notes the heaviest. This keyboard also benefits from dual sensors to capture all the small sound subtleties of your playing. The performance of the DDP-400 is comparable to that of premium pianos.
    • Cabinet Extension for Speakers
    The designers at Donner have enlarged the cabinet of this piano, so that it benefits from a greater resonance and that the sound emitted by the speakers can better propagate throughout the instrument. With a bigger, fuller timbre and volume than regular pianos, boasting richer harmonics and more powerful resonance. The soft curves and the warm wooden texture of the piano also offer a more vintage style to the decoration of your bedroom, studio or living room. Thanks to its compact size, it is the ideal instrument to be housed in any place and to benefit the whole family, whether for exercises, evenings, or even in small concert.
    • An Improved Sound Source
    88-key heavy-touch keyboard piano, with an improved French Dream sound source and built-in 15W duo amplifiers that reproduce the sound of an acoustic piano, giving you an unprecedented sound experience. Plus, its grand piano-like setup, with its three metal pedals, allows you to immerse yourself even more in your experience and bring out all the little sonic subtleties in your playing.
    • Meets Many Musical Requirements
    The DDP-400 E-piano boasts a variety of features such as 128-note polyphony, 138 tones (including 128 musical instruments and 10 drum voices), 100 rhythms, 20 demo songs, 100 studies, chorus, mix effects, timbres, rhythm recording library, intro/outro accompaniment, A/B interlude selection. Compatible with IOS, Android, and computer USB MIDI connection. This allows you to follow lessons via an application and to make recordings and arrangements of songs.
    • Quality Materials
    This 88-key keyboard piano is made of high-quality materials, resistant to corrosion and deformation. In addition to being compact and taking up very little space, you can play late into the night without worrying about disturbing someone, thanks to the headphone jack, so you can immerse yourself in your world of music. Piano Dimensions: 138.5*89*40cm, Weight: 61Kg

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    Due to the large size of the product, operation costs will be incurred for the return of the goods to the warehouse.
    Therefore, once the ordered product has been sent, all refunds or returns initiated by non-quality issues will be charged a 10% operation fee.
    • This product can currently only be delivered in Germany/ France/ Italy/ Spain.
    • Delivery time : 15 to 20 days.


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