Donner DAT-115S 3/4 Size Acoustic Electro Guitar

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Donner worked on creating new musical experiences for enthusiasts. The Donner DAT-115S 3/4 Acoustic Guitar features the DSS-7 active ESP system, this not only features a portable and comfortable body, but also an incredible resonance of the guitar itself (no external equipment required) for tuning of reverb and delay. Whether you're practicing, composing, recording, camping, hosting parties, traveling, the DAT-115S acoustic guitar can give you the perfect immersive playing experience.
High-quality | Unique design:
18:1 tuning accuracy
Donner's unique tuning keys are an enclosed style of alloy metal tuners.
Ebony fingerboards
The keys are made of ebony which ensures a certain resistance to humidity and a certain robustness. 20 brass frets with position markings at keys 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, and 17.
Spruce and mahogany body
AAA Certified Spruce Top, Mahogany Back and Sides: The materials in this body give you a richer, brighter sound, delivering full, vibrant tones. Suitable for all styles of music.
  • What is an ESP system?
(ESP= Electric Sound Products = Products with Electric Sound)
Whether you're playing in a small bedroom or a large hall, Donner's ESP system gives you the ideal sound effects. You can plug in your speakers or not, the ESP system will adjust the reverb and delay effects to maximize your creations.
  • What is a reverb effect?
The reverb effect (reverberation) produces a sensation of rebounding sound on the walls of a place, which offers a persistence of sound, it seeks in particular to reproduce the acoustics of an analog device of spring reverb. The DSS-7 system will set the reverb for a small room to a value of 0-6; and that of a large room on a value of 6-12.
  • What is a delay effect? 
The delay setting, more specifically, creates a signal delay that provides a sense of depth and spaciousness. It is widely used in many different styles of music. The DSS-7 allows in particular to adjust the speed of the delay from a value of 0 to 12.

Details :

for right-handed
body shape Dreadnought
Back and sides material AAA Certified African Mahogany
soundboard material AAA-certified spruce
handle material AAA Certified African Mahogany
Neck shape in “C”
Markers Dot position markers on keys
rosette Concentric circles
Number of frets 20
Mechanical die-cast steel tuning keys

Accessories : 

1 x Donner DAT-115S Electro Acoustic Guitar
1 x Cover
1x Strap
1 x Capodastre
1 x Spare set of strings
1 x Donner DT-2 Tuner
1 x Polishing Cloth
4 x Picks
1 x Power Cable
1 x Pickguard (plaque de protection )


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