Donner Acoustic Guitar Pickup, DSS-6 Guitar Pickups Passive Mahogany Soundhole Pickup with Humbucker Volume & Tone Control

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Donner always keeps high requirements in making musical Products and our idea is to provide high-quality one-stop services and products to musical enthusiasts. Equipped with humbucking model and volume control, DSS-6 can clearly transmit the authentic sound of the acoustic guitar without noise, making it suitable for band rehearsal and any kinds of concerts.

Humbucking model

Donner passive acoustic guitar pickup features stacked coils so that It can effectively reduce noise and provide excellent string-to-string balance and acoustic clarity.

Volume & tone control

It's easy to adjust the sound to get the best string balance and achieve the effect you want.

Soundhole clip cushion

Ensuring that the pickup and audio cable are installed firmly and do not damage the guitar.


Pickup Theory: Cutting Magnetic Lines

Pickup Type: Humbucking Passive

Housing: SOLID Mahogany Housing

Connection Method: 64cm instrument cable with 3.5mm and 6.35mm jacks

Fit Minimum Soundhole Diameter: 3.8¡± (96.6 mm)

Package included:

  • 1 x Soundhole Pickup
  • 1 x Audio cable
  • 3 x Cable Holders
  • 1 x Fixtures leather pad
  • 1 x Owner's Manual

    Easy Installation

    No drilling hole, fast installation, just plug and play.

    1. Take out the pickup and toward the 3.5mm jack side to the guitar bridge.

    2. Slip the pickup into the soundhole from the high E string side. (Lose the string if it's too tight)

    3. Clip both sides of the pickup to the edge of the pan

    4. Push the pickup to the end of the fingerboard as closely as possible.


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