Donner ABY BOX Switcher Pedal Splitter/Combiner Signal Separator True Bypass

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    1. DC 9V(Center Negative)
    2. A Jack: 6,35 mm mono audio jack
    3. B Jack: 6,35 mm mono audio jack
    4. Y Jack: 6,35 mm mono audio jack
    5. Mode Selection: Thanks to its True Bypass circuitry, the A&B inputs will be queried when you choose to use A&B mode.
    6. LED indicators let you know the working status of Channel A and Channel B (Red = Channel A; Green = Channel B) when A/B mode is selected. The LEDs will be yellow only in the other mode.
    7. All-metal shell, stable and strong.
    8. In A/B mode, press the foot pedal to switch between channel A and channel B. In A&B mode it will not work.
    • Power supply: 9V DC center negative (not included)
    • Current: 10mA.
    • Dimensions: 42x93.5x52mm
    • Weight: 220g
    Presentation :
    The Donner ABY BOX pedal can be used to solve many problems in the complexity of audio switching. In particular, it allows you to switch between one input signal, or another, or to use both at the same time. The circuit can also work in the other direction. That is to say that the signal circuit can start from one input and exit through two outputs, or enter through two inputs, and exit through a single type. You can then either choose between A or B, or use both handsets. The LEDs will show you the status of the active signal.

    In addition to the already existing series of effect pedals, we strive to continue to develop and improve the products already on the market, based on the feedback from our kind customers. We seek to create pedals that are interesting but still easy to access.
    You can easily find the kind of effects pedal you are looking for. We are happy that our products are so well received.
    Benefit from a product resulting from know-how at a very affordable price. Create your music.
    The Donner ABY BOX is a simple and effective signal splitter/selector. It makes it possible to separate a signal into two distinct signals or, on the contrary, to combine two distinct signals into one and the same signal.

    Two guitars to one amp
    In terms of application, the Donner ABY BOX can be used to connect two guitars to the same amp.
    Connect two guitars to the two inputs A and B to send them to an amp (connected to "Y"). Choose the "A/B" mode using the switch and the footswitch will allow you to switch from one instrument to another without having to disconnect any jack. It is also possible to send two guitars to the same amp simultaneously by engaging the “A&B” mode.

    One guitar to two amps
    Another way to use the Donner ABY BOX is to connect one and the same guitar (or bass) to two different amps. This is particularly useful if you use a specific amp for your cleans and another for your distortions, for example. Connect the guitar to the "Y" input and use the two "A" and "B" outputs to connect two amps. You can thus choose to send your guitar signal to one or the other of the amps, or even both at the same time in order to enjoy both sounds simultaneously!
    Thanks to the tri-color LED, you can see at a glance which amp or instrument you have selected.

    • ABY box pedal
    • True Bypass
    • metal case
    • Indication LED with color change (red, green, yellow)
    • connectors: 3x 6.35 mm mono jack
    • power supply: 9 V DC center negative power adapter (not included)
    • dimensions : 42x93.5x52mm poids : 220 gr
    Note :
    Please use a power cable with DC 9V voltage, center negative and end positive polarity, and current 500mA or more, for your pedal. Use that does not comply with these instructions could cause serious damage to your product or even lead to it no longer working.


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