Donner Acoustic Foam Panels, Sound Absorbing Panel Acoustic Shield Noise Deadening Foam, 12 Piece Pack

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Professional Solution for the Soundproof Studio
Why choose Give?
First of all, we strictly follow the optimal ratio of raw materials to produce each piece of acoustic foam give. But some sellers will replace one of the main compositions with cheap stone, which, of course, can reduce the cost so that they can be sold at a low price. Outwardly, it looks similar, but in reality, this bottom acoustic foam CANNOT pass the flame retardant test conducted by SGS test report lab. Definitely, Donner Acoustic Foam has passed the SGS test.

Second, we also sent our acoustic foam to Tsinghua University Building Environmental Testing Center to test its NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient). And the test results show that the NRC is 0.8, which is a brilliant number because when the NRC is 0.8 or higher, its noise reduction level is class A.
Package Included
    • 12 x Donner acoustic foam panels


      1. Size: 30*30*2.5cm / 30*30*5cm

      2. Material: Polyurethane

    3. Quantity: 12 packs

--- Donner Quality Acoustic Foam Panel Kit
In a recording studio, the hard wall surface will give us unnecessary sound reflections, and the corners of the room will give us unnecessary reverberations, causing the blurry sound problem.
Donner acoustic foam panels can solve these problems well. Donner sound deadening foam uses a new polyurethane sound deadening material, which is processed and formed by a mature foaming process and can greatly improve the sound quality in your room.
Notice the difference between sound absorption and sound insulation.

Pay attention !!!

  • When you open the package and take out the product, you may find that the thickness is smaller than expected. Don't worry! You can soak in water for 5-10 seconds, then blow dry to restore normal thickness.
  • NOTE: Stickers and acoustic foam spray adhesive are not included.

--- How to install? ---

  • Note Before Installation: you can choose to use stickers or spray acoustic foam to secure the foam panels. When using stickers, please make sure the wall is flat and free from foreign matter such as powder, which will affect the paste effect. If your wall is rough, we recommend using spray acoustic foam.
  • Be sure to clean the wall first.
  • Use Stickers: you need to stick the stickers on the foam boards by pressing before sticking them to the wall. Pasting the sticker directly on the wall can cause the foam to fall off easily. It is recommended to stick 5 double-sided stickers on each piece of foam board.
  • Use the Acoustic Foam Spray Adhesive: Evenly spray the spray adhesive on the foam panels, then stick them on a clean wall if necessary. Use spray adhesive directly to stick, it may not maintain the integrity of the wall when peeled off. If you need to glue a large area, it is recommended that you first use a spray adhesive to attach the foam boards to a board, and then attach the board to the wall.

About the temporary flame retardant smell of our acoustic foam:

  • Don't worry about the material we used to produce the acoustic foam, and they are harmless to human.
  • Before packing the acoustic foam, all the acoustic foam has been sufficiently ventilated to eliminate the smell of flame retardant. But after long time compression and transportation, some traces of residual odor cannot disappear. Therefore, before putting them on your walls, please provide adequate ventilation to eliminate the smell for about 5 days.
Largely used
  • For professional acoustic control, sound absorption and reduction of reverberation.
  • Attenuating excessive sound waves to achieve better recording effects, it is widely used in concert halls, recording studios, home theaters, offices, etc.
Easy to install
  • Because low-frequency standing waves are generally concentrated in the four corners, the sound-absorbing cotton is very suitable for sticking to the four corners of the recording studio
  • It is recommended to use spray foam to stabilize the sound deadening cotton on rough walls.
High quality material
Donner acoustic foam panels are full of small voids and half-open holes, which can absorb high, mid and low frequencies of sound, attenuate sound, and reduce interference and reverberation of reflected sound in the room to ensure the clarity of sound.


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