About Giving
International Music Technology Brand founded in 2012
Since 2012, Donner has been committed to creating new experiences in musical performance. As a pioneer in innovative instruments and electronics, we were among the first to introduce mini guitar pedals.

The company is dedicated to the research, manufacture and sale of musical instruments of all types. Relying on an innovative and efficient R&D team, Donner has gradually built a reputation for its high quality musical instruments and accessories at prices accessible to all.
Hevin He - Founder of Donner
The power of music manifests as a connecting agent. We are all universally connected by this musical world where we revisit the deepest paths of our emotions.

A world without music would be boring and dark. I got my first guitar in high school, it always helped me find my way when words failed me. I reconnect with myself every time I strum the strings. Playing music is not only fun, it became even more exciting when I was able to expand my musical aspirations and thus open even more doors for myself in this world of musical and artistic expression. In the sound, I could feel the echoes of the ethos, the passion of the one who creates, beyond everything that differentiates us and brings us together, across time and space. In music, we live as a whole, we become one.

Music is not exclusive to professionals and prodigies, I found access to it to offer so much, that I decided to start my own musical instrument business, with a mission to make music accessible. to all.

The business took off with our range of effects pedals, they give more consistency to the music, in order to complexify and deepen the expressions of our pieces.

I sincerely hope that all music lovers, those who feel this artistic expression resonate in them, will finally be able to have easy access to it with Donner.

Hevin He, founder of Donner
2012 Marque fondée. Donner présente ses révolutionnaires mini pédales de guitare et configure sa boutique Amazon.
2014 Notre ukulélé est classé Top 1 sur la liste des meilleures ventes d'Amazon.
2018 Les ventes ont été étendues à plus de 30 pays via Amazon et l’étendue du marché augmente considérablement.
2020 En 2020, Donner est classé parmi le Top 3 mondial des marques d'instruments de musique Amazon. Lancement de notre propre site Web, étendu à plus de 100 pays.
2021 Augmentation de la production de R&D, entrée dans le domaine du matériel intelligent et développement de l'application de musique Donner. Plusieurs produits tels que les produits de la série en fibre de carbone, les microphones, les claviers MIDI et les effets de guitare ont remporté le Red Dot Design Award, le European Product Design Award, le Golden Point Design Award, le China Design Intelligence Award et ont même remporté le titre de « plus petit clavier MIDI à 25 touches au monde ». Le pad percussion portable a remporté l’ IF Product Design Award.
2022 Marque mise en avant par le New York Times, LA Weekly, Yahoo, Guitar World, Music Radar et bien d'autres médias encore tout aussi prestigieux.
Our involvement
The name "Donner" means "thunder" in German, symbolizing the innovation of the brand. Our logo is called the "pulse", it represents the moment when sound and human emotion connect.
Our mission
Our goal is to help beginners get on the path to realizing their musical dreams by creating fun products that are easy to access both financially and in practice.
Our vision
Create rich and colorful lives by becoming the global leader in music technology.