Eastar AS-II Commander Alto Saxophone E Flat Gold Lacquer for Beginners and Intermediates

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    Eastar AS-II Commander Saxophone Alto
    Accessories :
    1 x bec
    1 x ligature
    1 x resin reed and 2 x cane reed (strength of 2.5)
    1 x genuine leather strap (max load 35kg)
    1 x support pour saxophone
    1x carry bag
    2 x shoulder straps
    1 x ecouvillon
    1 x chiffon
    1 x cleaning brush
    • Sound: Better vibration during playback and tuning
    • wonderful in tone.
    • Case: Large, rigid and light.
    • tonality: E flat
    • level: beginner/intermediate
    • material: brass
    • weight (including packaging): 4.1 kg
    • dimensions (including packaging): 66 x 33 x 17 cm
    Eastar Would Never Disappoint You
    Eastar is an excellent brand for designing and manufacturing musical instruments dedicated to primary and intermediate musicians.

    When you buy from Eastar, you are buying from a company that values its customers. The serial number of Eastar components can guarantee the stable and high quality. There are also two quality controls at the factory. Eastar insists on making good products!
    High quality
    The stainless steel needle spring of the saxophone is made of professional material that has been hardened several times and guarantees a service life of more than 10 years. The pads are waterproof and flexible. Please wipe off the water after use.
    Accessories - Reeds
    One resin reed and two cane reeds with a strength of 2.5. They are non-toxic, durable, beginner friendly and convenient to use.

    (Reeds are very fragile accessories. They must be cleaned before use, and cleaned and dried after use).
    As a normal saxophone, the low note part of the AS-Ⅱ is very smooth, which is incomparable to other saxophones at this price. This is due to our high precision technology, CNC manufacturing. The U-tube has a very good seal.
    Give DAX-21 AS-II AS-III AS-II-Ab1 AS-II-Ab2
    Level Beginner / Intermediate Beginner / Intermediate Beginner / Intermediate Beginner / Intermediate Beginner / Intermediate
    Key E Flat E Flat E Flat E Flat E Flat
    cleaning set


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