Donner Morpher Guitar Distortion Effect Pedal Musical Instrument

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    Give Morpher
    • The Morpher Pedal is a modern mini high gain distortion pedal. By turning it on, the Morpher can turn any clean, smooth amp into a high-gain monster!
    • Due to its compact size, it will take up very little space on your pedalboard.
    • A led indicator shows its working status.
    • It can only be powered by 9V power adapter (not provided).
    Three settings
    The Morpher has three easy-to-use potentiometers: LEVEL (output volume), TONE (tone) and GAIN (amount of distortion) to customize the sound of your instrument. Each button gives you a wide range of control.
    Three types of distortion
    Natural : gives an organic and natural sound
    Tight : A more aggressive tone with reinforced bottoms and edges
    Classic : Delivers classic British-style high-gain sound with warm mids
    True Bypass
    It is equipped with True Bypass, which means that your guitar sound is not affected by the effect when it is turned off.
    Note :
    Please use a power cable with DC 9V voltage, center negative and end positive polarity, and current 500mA or more, for your pedal. Use that does not comply with these instructions could cause serious damage to your product or even lead to it no longer working.
    settings level, tone, gain
    selector natural, tight, classic
    True Bypass
    LED indicator
    feed 9 V DC, center negative
    enter exit jack 6,35 mm
    consumption 13 mA
    Dimensions 95 X 44mm X 48mm

    1 1 1 1 1
    The Morpher Blues Drive noise killer black mouse TRIPLE BOUCEUR
    Effect Entrainment/Distortion Conduct Noise gate intelligent Black Classic Distortion looper
    Features 3 way tone switch  Two types of wires Two noise reduction modes 2 way tone switch Time progress bar display
    Power source 9V CC 9V CC 9V CC 9V CC 9V CC
    Speciality legendary sound of high gain stack amps legendary TS-style overdrive Sensitive but smooth Sound For a real underground rock scene Automatically save recorded files
    Circuit Bypass of Ture Bypass of Ture Bypass of Ture Bypass of Ture Bypass of Ture


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